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Mount Pelion Greece – Summer destination – Don’t Miss It

Mount Pelion Greece - Pelion Villas

Mount Pelion Greece: Experience the authentic culture of Greece and enjoy the summer holidays. Picturesque landscapes, small rivers and lakes, countless mountain villages, crystal clear seas and much more that offer you the most unforgettable summer experiences you could ever imagine. One of the best summer destinations is Pelion.

It is located on a peninsula that looks like hooks in Central Greece, between the Pagasitic Gulf and the Aegean Sea, just a few minutes away from the busy city of Volos. Beautiful landscapes with olive groves and dense forests, slopes with stunning views of the surrounding area and the crystal clear sea await you! A destination for all year round that combines sea and mountain.
Twenty-four picturesque villages in the Pelion complex with the most famous being Makrinitsa, Porria, Milies, Kastanies and Tsagarada. They are built amphitheatrically and still retain their traditional stone architecture with imposing mansions, gray stone roofs and paved paths.

The summer holidays in Pelion are the ideal time to try outdoor activities such as hiking, horseback riding and much more for adventure lovers. And for those who love history, Pelion is the place where great myths were born and also the homeland of the mythical Centaurs, creatures who were half human and half horse.
Do not miss the opportunity to visit Pelion and its network of traditional villages. You will create memories that you will love forever and your summer vacation will be unique.

Things to Do in Mount Pelion Greece

In Pelion you will find villages with central squares that will take your breath away. In Makrinitsa, for example, Peace Square is a large pedestrian square perched on a rock overlooking Volos and the Mediterranean Sea. The views are so memorable that the prominent Greek politician Eleftherios Venizelos named the square “Balcony of Pelion”. As the sun moves, the view changes! Sit in various shops, from bars and taverns, drink your favorite drink and enjoy the epic view.

Many unique buildings and monuments are worth your time. The impressive Immortal Fountain of the early 19th century is located in the center of Makrinitsa square. Next to the fountain stand the Byzantine Museum of Makrinitsa and the church of Agios Ioannis the Baptist of the 19th century. Do not miss to see the famous cafe Theofilos with the large painting of the famous Greek artist Theofilos Hatzimichael nearby.

Learn About Local History in a Museum

Makrinitsa hosts two museums. The Byzantine Museum of Makrinitsa has over a hundred post-Byzantine icons and wood carvings from the 17th to the 20th century. The marble reliefs, the vestments, the banners, the epitaphs and other religious objects are wonderful. After all, the building is in itself a pole of attraction. It is an ancient house in the square, next to a beautiful tree.

Even more impressive is the Museum of Folk Art and History of Pelion, at the Topali mansion. The building is located in the middle of a beautiful garden, below the main square. The beautifully renovated house dates back to 1844 and is one of the best examples of traditional Greek architecture. The museum contains over 1500 jewelry, books, weapons, tools, clothes, icons and Turkish writings. It is not surprising that the handicrafts of Pelion are famous all over Greece.

Mount Pelion Greece

Try Delicious Greek Food

You can not leave Pelion without trying delicious Greek food. Surprisingly, Pelion has restaurants for every taste and budget. Most restaurants have magnificent views.

Try Delicious Greek Food

Buy Local Products

Shops, cafes and hostels are located in this wonderful destination. You will not be able to resist the smell of carefully prepared local products. As the area is full of fruits, herbs and vegetables, you can not leave without trying a few.

You will find many local products to choose from, such as souvenirs, food and drink. Pelion is famous for its Hilopites, a traditional pasta made from flour, eggs, milk and salt. You can also buy local honey, liqueurs, pastries, herbs and jams. Our recommendation is for pickled fruit with sugar. If you like herbal tea, you will love the hand-picked local herbs.


Hike to the Top of the Mount Pelion Greece

Pelion is the ideal place for excellent mountain hiking. On the slopes of Pelion and extends from 300 meters to 850 meters above sea level you will enjoy walking. The view is different in every corner and there is a beautiful landscape around.

We believe that you should spend at least half a day hiking in nature. Our favorite route reaches the Monastery of Agia Paraskevi at 850 meters above sea level. Ask a local guide about this. If you have more time and energy, go to the Church of the Prophet Elijah. Guaranteed excellent views.


Book a villa now and enjoy your vacation on Mount Pelion.

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