Groceries basket

Groceries basket

Find your villa full of fresh products for a great holiday start! 

You just select the basket upon your reservation, and we will take care of the rest before your arrival. This service can also be provided during your stay. All you need to do is to let us know a day in advance before 14:00 in order for us to make arrangements. The basket will be delivered to your villa the next day.

The basket includes:

  • Fresh local pasteurized milk 1 lt 
  • Fresh local yogurt BIO 4% 500 gr 
  • 6 free range eggs 
  • Smoked turkey slices 150 gr 
  • Cheese slices 150 gr 
  • Local marmalade 300 gr 
  • Fresh orange juice 1 lt 
  • Granola 300 gr 
  • Sliced bread for toast

Price : 30 euros